Get Involved

RCSF welcomes people with a passion for improving the life prospects of underserved youth in Rochester’s city schools.  We have a particular interest in those who have experience and skills to serve on the following committees:

Community Outreach
Clearly communicates and promotes Rochester Children’s Scholarship Fund mission in the community. Actively builds relationships and explores in-kind donations of marketing related services. Formulates relationships with local businesses men/women and companies.

Develops and maintains a donor base, assists with fundraising activities, and supports grant writing

Formulates the yearly budget, monitor the investment account, research and makes suggestions to the board regarding investment growth 

Marketing/Public relations
Develops marketing strategies to promote the organization.  Monitors consistency of branding and quality of all written marketing materials. Sustains the website/web presence 

Community Outreach
Assists in formulating relationships with local businesses men/women and companies.

Program Evaluation
Help to ensure the effectiveness of the organization.

Opportunities in the above areas can be both long-term and short-term in nature. To find out more about volunteer activities, contact the Cheryl Testa at 585-262-8783.

Community Need...

With the increasing need to support the most at-risk and underperforming students in the RCSD, resources are spread thin. Consequently, students who are the top performers in the RCSD often get lost in the shuffle, receive little or no attention, and have difficulty accessing resources when they need of assistance. You can help support these students by clicking here and donating today!